The Nurse Practitioner Charting School Bundle!

The one stop for all documentation resources created specifically for nurse practitioners!

Time Management and Charting Tips Course

Learn the tips and tools to chart accurately and efficiently so you can run on time during your workday, eliminate the overwhelm, leave work on time, and STOP charting at home!

The Time Management and Charting Tips Course will help you

  • Discover what roadblocks and negative thoughts are holding you back from leaving the office by 5:00pm

  • Learn the time management and charting tips so you can have more time with your family at home!

  • Create a better work-life balance and conquer the burnout so you can love your nurse practitioner role!

Plus 3 hours of continuing education!

($197 value)

Basics of Billing and Coding Course

Learn how to choose the correct CPT® code for an outpatient, inpatient/obs, ER, nursing facility patient visit, so you can avoid overcoding (and undercoding!) ensuring you receive proper insurance reimbursement!

The Billing and Coding Course will help you

  • Learn the basic billing and coding terminology so you can be ready to code as a nurse practitioner. 

  • Determine how to properly choose the correct Evaluation and Management code in the outpatient, inpatient/obs, ER, nursing facility setting. 

  • Learn from real life charting examples and gain the confidence to properly code a patient encounter.

Plus 1.5 hours of continuing education!

($197 value)

Legal Issues with Charting

Learn how to prevent a malpractice suit and put your mind at ease regarding legal issues of charting.

The Legal Issues with Charting Course will teach you

  • Common reasons healthcare providers get sued.

• What actually makes a valid malpractice case.

• The steps of a malpractice case.

• Charting tips and wording to use/avoid to prevent a malpractice case.

Plus 1.5 hours of continuing education!

($97 value)

Has everything I need!!

"I am an experienced Np and had always struggled with charting, ending up staying late at work, covering inbox, and end up finishing my charting at home.

I tried to look for an affordable option on charting tips, but mostly were pricey!!!

The bundle course from THE NPCHARTING, is not only reasonably priced, but has everything I had needed, from time management, legal implications to charting tips, I even purchased the smart phrases!

This had definitely helped me with becoming more efficient and decreased my burnout!

Definitely recommend this to any new or experienced NP!

-Charlotte, a previously burned-out nurse practitioner

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