Looking for the EXACT charting tips to STOP charting at home?

These are the TOP 4 charting tips that will get you the "biggest bang for your buck!"

So many nurse practitioners

  • Constantly run behind during the work day, which causes

  • Them to stay late at the office or bring charting home, which

  • Disrupts their work-life balance and leads to nurse practitioner burnout.

But, the good new is, it is possible to implement easy-to-use charting and time management tips so you can get your time back!

And as The Nurse Practitioner Charting Coach, I know EXACTLY which charting tips make the MOST impact.

And I will teach you them within this course: Core 4 Charting Tips!

These 4 charting tips will help you to STOP charting at home!

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Hey nurse practitioners!

I'm Erica D the NP Charting Coach,

Starting out in primary care, I became VERY overwhelmed by the amount of tasks and patients NPs are expected to see.

I quickly found my constantly running behind during the work day and staying late at the office just trying to catch up!

I was nearing burnout (which I previously overcame) and wondering why I even went back to NP school in the first place.

I realized I needed to make a change and dove deep into teaching myself the charting and time management tips to stay caught up.

I realized just how many other NPs have a lack of work-life balance because of the charting.

So I created The Nurse Practitioner Charting School, to share all that information with nurse practitioners, so they can chart accurately and efficiently, spending more time doing what they want and less time charting at home! 

Course Curriculum

  Welcome to Core 4 Charting Tips
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  Core 4 Charting Tips
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  Learn more about The NP Charting School
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  Save Time Charting with Freed AI!
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This self-study course is for the nurse practitioner who:

  • Is sick and tired of charting at home and know they need to make a change.
  • Doesn't have a lot of time or $$ to commit to making changes to their charting.
  • Ready to learn the charting tips that will make the MOST impact and help them STOP charting at home.

Did I mention it's risk free?

The Core 4 Charting Tips Course Guarantee

I offer a 100% money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied within 7 days of purchasing the program, I will give you your money back– hassle free!

I believe in the value of this program and the information is something I have used personally. I strive to help overwhelmed NPs save time charting in a similar way! But I also know it may not be right for you!

If you are not satisfied with the program and a refund will be granted!

This is what you need.

And as the Nurse Practitioner Charting Coach, I know the EXACT charting and time management tips you need to implement to STOP charting at home!

This short, self-study course shares the TOP charting tips that will take you from charting at home every night and weekend to so much free time you'll have to take on a new hobby.

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