The support, education, and community you need to STOP charting at home.

Are you a nurse practitioner who is...

  • Tired of spending 10-15 hours of unpaid time (ouch!) just trying to catching up on charting and all the other tasks we do as NPs?

  • Tired of constantly feeling overwhelmed and running behind during your work day?

  • Tired of sacrificing time in the evening working when you would rather be spending time with family, friends, or caring for yourself?

Are you ready to STOP charting at home?!


Charting Membership for Nurse Practitioners

This monthly membership was designed to give nurse practitioners the support, education, and community to improve their charting.

The recurring monthly subscription includes:

  1. One 1 hour group coaching call every month (via Zoom)
  2. One workshop training with Q and A every month
  3. Private community (Facebook Group) of nurse practitioners also struggling with charting

1) Group Coaching Call

The Charting Membership includes one monthly group coaching call. The calls will take place via Zoom and be one hour in length.

During the calls you will receive support and feedback on ways to improve your charting (or NP practice in general).

These coaching calls are a fantastic way to get individualized support and feedback. The coaching calls will help you stay accountable with changing your charting habits. The group aspect also helps you see what other nurse practitioners are struggling with in their practice!

Group coaching calls for November

**Bonus: Kick off Call! Monday, November 6, 2023 at 8:00pm (central standard time).

Monday, November 20, 2023 at 8:00pm (central standard time).

2) Monthly Workshops

The Charting Membership includes one monthly workshop educating on topics to help you improve your charting.

These charting workshops will help you focus on improving one charting topic at a time. Making one small change at a time improves overall success.

The workshop will be followed by a group Q and A session. If you are unable to attend live, the sessions will be recorded! Which means you get access to past workshops as well!

Here are the topics for the remainder of 2023:

November 18, 2023 at 9:00am CST: Beat the backlog of open charts

December: Overcoming the “perfect” chart note

3) Private Nurse Practitioner Community

The Charting Membership includes access to a private Facebook Group. The group will be full of nurse practitioners who are also struggling with charting and nurse practitioner burnout!

So many nurse practitioners are struggling in this modern healthcare system. There are so many challenges APRNs face and it can feel like we are all alone.

This private nurse practitioner community will provide the support and community you need to improve your charting, stay in healthcare, and help you overcome nurse practitioner burnout.

This course is closed for enrollment.

About Erica D the NP Charting Coach

After I overcame healthcare burnout myself, I created The Burned-out Nurse Practitioner to help other NPs do the same.

I quickly realized that the #1 cause of nurse practitioner burnout is work-life imbalance.

And the #1 cause of work-life imbalance is....


So many NPs are staying late at the office or bringing their charts home, just trying to catch up!

I reflected on just how little NPs are taught about charting in school (even though it is such an important part of our work!).

So I created The Nurse Practitioner Charting School to be the one stop for all documentation resources created specifically for NPs!

It is now my mission to teach nurse practitioners about charting and time management so they can STOP charting at home!

"You are worth the investment."

“I contacted Erica for a coaching session because I was feeling stuck and considering if I even wanted to continue in nursing at all. Her one-on-one coaching session was truly tailor made to address my concerns.

It was such an impactful session where I finally felt understood and validated.
I was able to leave the session feeling empowered to make informed decisions about my future not only in my career but in life.

This coaching session was so valuable and I would highly recommend it to any nurse.

You are worth the investment in one of these sessions!”

-Nikova, previously burned-out nurse practitioner

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of nurse practitioner is this program for?

The group is open to all practice areas (primary care, urgent care, specialty clinic, hospital medicine, ER medicine, mental health, women's health, etc.).

All certified nurse practitioners (or students!) are able to join (family NP, acute NP, pediatric NP, psych NP, women's health NP, etc.).

Is this for new grads or experienced NPs?

If you are a new OR expired nurse practitioner who is struggling to keep up with charting, this program is for you!

It doesn't matter if you have tried to improve your charting in the past and failed, the community and accountability of this program will help you achieve YOUR charting goals!

How will this membership help me improve my charting?

This membership was designed to give nurse practitioners the support, education, and community to STOP charting at home.

The group coaching calls will give you individualized charting support. The monthly workshops will give you the education to improve your charting. And the private Facebook Group will give you the community to connect with other nurse practitioners struggling with charting.

If you have additional questions please email me at

[email protected]

This course is closed for enrollment.